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Tikehau Vacations

Tikehau vacation is an escapist’s haven. Even less developed than other Tuamotu islands, but equally intriguing, Tikehau means “peaceful landing” in the Paumotu language.

The coral atoll is set in a circular lagoon only 16 miles (in diameter, with many motus, including Bird Island (Oeoe) and the pink sand beaches on Ohihi.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful atolls in Polynesia, the fragrance of the air in Tikehau is matched only by the abundance of life in the bright-blue water. The friendly people, their homes awash with gardens, invite visitors to share and explore a world beyond the imagination.

Tikehau is served by Air Tahiti, with frequent non-stop and one-stop flights from Papeete, and regular flights from Rangiroa. The non-stop flight time from Papeete is just about 1 hour and the flight time from Rangiroa is 20 minutes.

Tuherahera is the main village of Tikehau, which can only be reached by boat. When the old village was destroyed by a cyclone in 1906, residents moved to higher ground and built their homes on the protected southwest side of the island at Tuherahera. Here there is a town hall (mairie), a few stores, a school, 3 churches and most of the area’s guesthouses. There is no bank in Tikehau, so money is only exchangeable at a resort. Visitors should be sure to bring enough funds before reaching the island.

In Tikehau, fish seem to outnumber people a billion-to one. The density of the fish in the lagoon is so high that Jacques Cousteau’s research group declared it to contain the highest concentration of fish among any of the Tuamotu atolls. During your Tikehau vacation you can enjoy endless hours exploring the colorful and lively perfection of the lagoon through snorkeling, diving, and boating.

Fishing is among the primary industries for the 400 residents of the island. Families share fish parks - underwater fenced areas - where they trap parrotfish and other lagoon species as a primary source of food and income. Fish are shipped by air to Papeete for sale in the local markets.

The luxurious, Polynesian styled Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is situated on Motu Tiano’s pink sand private beach. The resort’s beautifully appointed Poreho Restaurant is nestled just a few feet away from the lagoon and specializes in unique French, Polynesian, and international dishes.

With barely a few miles of road in Tikehau, there is no need for public transportation. Walking, scooters, or bicycles are best for venturing around the village area. Those who wish to explore the lagoon and surrounding motu, may do so by motorboat, canoe and sailboat rentals. Boat charters are also available from the resort or in the village.

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