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All Inclusive Bora Bora

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Bora Bora & New Zealand Honeymoon

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South Pacific Honeymoon:

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Fakarava Vacations

Fakarava vacation, is an escape to an untouched world where nesting birds and marine life live in harmony with the land and water.

The rich ecosystem of the atoll is home to rare birds, plants, and crustaceans, while the dive sites are virtually undiscovered. Life along the shores is equally unique with quaint villages, old coral churches, and welcoming people.

Fakarava is one of the largest atolls in French Polynesia, second only to Rangiroa. The rectangular-shaped lagoon measures 37 miles long by 15 miles wide. It is located 303 miles northeast of Tahiti and is a mere 70 minutes by direct flight.

Inside the reef of Fakarava are 94 mostly uninhabited motus (islets). Most notably, Motu Irifa is known for its mirror-like luminescence, and Motu Koka Koka, surrounded by pink sand beaches, is a favorite picnic spot. So pure is the environment here, that Fakarava is being considered for classification as a UNESCO nature reserve for the preservation of rare species. Parts of it have already been included for protection in the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Global Network.

Even though Fakarava is the newest destination to welcome resort visitors, it was one of the first population centers as well as the ancient capital of the Tuamotu region. Until fairly recently, Fakarava was the social, religious and cultural capital of the Tuamotu Archipelago. Its ancient name was Havaiki Nui. Life among the current 400 residents of Fakarava is centralized around the quaint villages of Rotoava and the Tetamanu.

There are a few points of interest on the island that you can explore on you Fakarava vacation - the coral shell of a Catholic church built in the 1860's, the remains of’ another church built a decade later, an old prison, and the former home of the French administrator for the Tuamotus.

The Garuae Pass on the northwest side of the atoll is the largest in French Polynesia and serves as an anchorage point for yachts and ocean-going liners. On the southeast side is the Tumakohua Pass, which due to its deep, clear waters is a preferred spot for drift snorkeling.

The destination’s only resort, Le Maitai Dream Fakarava, is located within a few miles of the main village of Rotoava. This charming, authentically designed property, featuring a spacious beach and garden bungalows with a remote setting along the virgin shores of the lagoon, will make your Fakarava vacation truly special.

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